Second Coming!

Well, people who knew about this blog even a little bit will resonate with the title. Those who do not should know that this blog was abandoned for about an year partly because of my laziness and partly because I kept finding more important things to do one after the other. Now that my academic year is about to complete and I feel mostly satisfied with what I did, I would now like to do things that I missed out on. Like reading and writing, watching movies and may be some music. I am still skeptical about movies and music part. It really makes me feel important that I did not have time to do all this, no matter how lame it sounds. You always have all the time in the world to do what you want.

The year has been quite a roller coaster ride for me. I did many things I liked, made friends, met many new people, got appreciation, got criticised, understood the world better and in the end and most importantly felt satisfied after whatever happened. Now I am spending time on planning my next year in a way that the satisfaction becomes even hard to achieve.

Through this blog, I plan to share stories of my experiences, a variety of insights, ever changing passions, crazy ideas and insignificant observations. Hoping to continue the blog this time. Keep coming!


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