Hello friends,

Well… I am still trying to understand myself, and writing ‘about’ me seems like quite a task to me. But since, there is no other option, I will write only good things about me 😛

I am a person with many interests in various fields. I love reading and writing. I am also into graphic and logo designing due to which I have also started taking interest into branding aspect also. I love to take part in discussions involving the political scenario in our country(thanks to my ancestors, who actually hail from UP(India)!! ). I enjoy reading people’s mind and imagining what they are thinking, without telling them ofcourse. I love cooking and generally cook dishes that dont really exist! but let me be pompous, they taste good 🙂

Right now I am reading a lot about social media and its emergence as a major marketing tool. I am a big fan of Entrepreneurship and these days most of my activities revolve around propagating it. Okk. That looks good enough for now, I guess 🙂

Thanx for dropping by!!


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